Privileging dictionary review process

More than 300 BC medical professionals and specialty experts developed the original 62 privileging dictionaries over 3 years.

Changes to the dictionaries will occur in an iterative process, as part of a structured review and refresh of each dictionary’s content. The first cycle of review and refresh will commence in November 2016, and is prioritized in four waves of review. See the refresh timeline.

Provide input on dictionary content and reviews

  1. Submit your proposed change
    Practitioners may request a change to the content of a dictionary at any time, by using this form. Requests will be brought forward for consideration by the expert review panel for that dictionary.

  2. Participate on the review panel for your discipline
    Review panels are composed of subject-matter experts for each discipline. See below for panelist criteria and compensation details. For more information, contact:
Panel member criteria and role

Members of a privileging dictionary expert panel may represent their health organization, their professional association, or a relevant specialty organization with respect to the privileging process.

Panelists will be asked to attend 1-2 in-person meetings and participate in follow-up by email or teleconference. The average length of a review process is 3months, although more complex dictionaries may take longer. In addition, panelists will:

  • Collaborate with the expert panel co-chair and project manager in the review and revision of privileging dictionary content
  • Understand the legal liability of governing bodies with respect to granting privileges
  • Be familiar with the Cochrane Report and its recommendations regarding privileging
  • Play a leadership role in communicating dictionary changes and obtaining inputs peers in your health organization
  • Have the ability to work collaboratively in a group setting
  • Be currently licensed to practice in BC
  • Act as a change agent/champion for the work
Panel member compensation:
  • Physicians: physician time and travel to participate in dictionary review panels is generously supported by the Joint Collaborative Committees (SSC and GPSC) and the participating health authorities.
  • Other regulated medical staff: practitioner time and travel to participate in review panels is to be supported by participating health authorities or speciality organizations.

Privileging Dictionaries

The privileging dictionaries are the new provincial standard.

Request for a Revision to a Privileging Dictionary

Use this form to request a change to a dictionary.

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