Dictionary review hub

The provincial privileging dictionaries are live documents and will be adapted as needed to reflect new practices or technologies

The privileging dictionaries were developed by more than 300 BC medical professionals and specialty experts. To keep content up to date, each dictionary will be reviewed at least every 5 years. New dictionaries may be created from time to time, if a clear need is identified. This page features current dictionary refresh activities.

Are you a medical professional or specialty expert in a discipline listed below?
If so, follow the link to view and provide input on a working dictionary draft.



Pediatric Surgery DRAFThttp://bcmqi.ca/credentialing-privileging/dictionaries/dictionary-review-hub/pediatric-surgery-draftPediatric Surgery DRAFT
Anatomical Pathology DRAFThttp://bcmqi.ca/credentialing-privileging/dictionaries/dictionary-review-hub/anatomical-pathology-draftAnatomical Pathology DRAFT
General Pathology DRAFThttp://bcmqi.ca/credentialing-privileging/dictionaries/dictionary-review-hub/general-pathology-draftGeneral Pathology DRAFT
Obstetrics and Gynecology DRAFThttp://bcmqi.ca/credentialing-privileging/dictionaries/dictionary-review-hub/obstetrics-and-gynecology-draftObstetrics and Gynecology DRAFT
Podiatric Medicine and Surgery DRAFThttp://bcmqi.ca/credentialing-privileging/dictionaries/dictionary-review-hub/podiatric-medicine-and-surgeryPodiatric Medicine and Surgery DRAFT