Cactus Resources

Cactus software is the platform used to create a secure, shared, online solution to credentialing and privileging in BC facilities. Practitioners and medical leaders can find resources for AppCentral and other Cactus modules here.

Medical staff and Cactus software

Each Cactus module supports a specific part of the credentialing and privileging process. AppCentral is the most widely used module in Cactus and is deployed across all health authorities and affiliates. A suite of supplementary modules are in various stages of configuration and will be added below as they are deployed. Please note that aside from AppCentral, use of some modules may not be uniform across all health authorities.

AppCentral is the most widely used module in Cactus.  Physicians, dentists, midwives, nurse practitioners and other regulated health care professionals will use AppCentral to submit an appointment or renewal application to any BC health authority or affiliate.

Committee Manager may be used by designated medical leaders to review data for the purpose of credentialing and privileging.