What we do

We bring health care organizations together to advance medical quality in a coordinated way across the province.

What is medical quality?

It’s the degree to which medical staff deliver care that increases the likelihood of expected health outcomes for individuals and communities, and is consistent with current professional knowledge, as expressed through a set of quality dimensions. Medical quality is a foundation for high quality health care.

High quality health care provides the right services, at the right time, in the right way—for the best possible result.

Connecting efforts across the system

In BC, medical quality is the shared responsibility of many partners, including health authorities, government, regulatory colleges, professional associations, collaborative committees, the provincial council, and more.

Each partner has a distinct role and makes a unique contribution to medical quality in the province. BC MQI facilitates collaboration amongst these stakeholders on initiatives that reach across organizational boundaries.

BC MQI's committees and groups collaborate on recognized system needs, such as those identified in the 2011 Cochrane report or the 2014 Auditor General’s report on Oversight of Physician Services. All work is undertaken in reference to provincial system goals and recognized health quality frameworks.

Learn more about current Committees and groups.