Provincial Privileging Dictionaries

What are the Provincial Privileging Dictionaries?

The dictionaries bring consistent understanding and practice expectations for medical staff affiliated with a health authority in BC. The goal is to ensure consistency in the privileging process and in turn, to enhance patient safety.

The privileging dictionaries include:

  • objective, discipline-specificĀ privileges and associated standards for medical staff
  • standards for diagnostic procedural and non-procedural disciplines
  • current experience standards, and what is core to each discipline, as well as what requires extra training (non-core) as defined by members of each discipline-specific panel

Key dictionary benefits

  • Support the move to a provincial system for credentialing and privileging, which aims to ensure consistent processes and standards across BC health authorities.
  • Integrate into the new onlineĀ Provincial Practitioner Credentialing and Privileging System (CACTUS Software).
  • Provide objective and clearly defined minimum threshold criteria for practitioners seeking privileges, which can:
    • Enhance confidence in quality of patient care;
    • Enhance confidence in validity of professional self-regulation;
    • Provides flexibility to health care facilities when determining facility/context-specific privileges based on patient care needs and facility capabilities;
    • Protect members of medical staff from unreasonable expectations;
    • Reduce risk of liability for all parties; and
    • Ensure consistency as all practitioners performing certain procedures or activities, or treating identical conditions, are required to meet the same threshold criteria for education, training and current, relevant experience.
  • Engage medical practitioners and speciality experts in a consultative process to create, review and refresh the dictionary content and standards for practice

Review and refresh of the privileging dictionaries

Practitioners working with the dictionaries in BC health authorities can review the dictionaries, request a change to content, or may contribute to an expert panel review.

The dictionaries are developed in an iterative process, with the first scheduled review and refresh cycle to commence in fall 2016.

Privileging Dictionaries

The privileging dictionaries are the new provincial standard.

Request for a Revision to a Privileging Dictionary

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