MSPE program overview

BC health authorities are aligning provincially on a system of feedback and supports for medical staff professional development. This collaboration is known as the Medical Staff Practice Enhancement (MSPE) program.

Patient safety and quality of care are optimized when medical staff are embedded in a culture of continuous learning and practice improvement. Recognizing this, BC health authorities are working toward a harmonized system to support their medical staff in practice enhancement.

Practice enhancement encompasses the activities that help medical staff to assess, reflect on, and enhance their practice - such as quality improvement processes, performance reviews, and continuing education.

Medical Staff Practice Enhancement Model

Medical staff practice enhancement model diagram

In time, the goal is to achieve regular evidence-informed practice reviews with facilitated feedback from a peer mentor for all physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives and dentists in the health authority system.

Why practice enhancement?

In addition to simply being good practice, the Hospital Act and medical staff rules include the expectation that medical staff will participate in quality activities.

It is a responsibility of the health authority boards to ensure that patient services are provided within a framework of professionalism and appropriate standards of medical care.

Development of the practice enhancement program is a provincial collaboration led by BC health authorities, as it will apply to the physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives and dentists in their facilities and programs.

Subject matter experts will convene in practice enhancement panels to develop specialty-specific content, provide feedback and make recommendations for implementation.

The medical staff regulatory colleges are engaged as consulting partners and the BC Medical Quality Initiative (BC MQI) provides project facilitation and support.

Why a provincial collaboration?

By working together, we can increase our impact and create a harmonized program that offers benefits to all stakeholders.

Provincial collaboration details

Building on existing successes

Many well-developed instances of practice enhancement are already flourishing in the BC health system. Building on these instances, the MSPE system will spread and harmonize the approach to practice enhancement for medical staff:

  • Standard tools and timing for practice reviews
  • Supportive processes for practice enhancement
  • Supports for medical staff to conduct the activities

How will medical staff participate in practice enhancement?

Medical staff practice enhancement journey diagram

An evidence-based and iterative system

The vision is for a system that can grow and be refined incrementally. Establishing a practice enhancement program will be a multi-year journey. The approach is phased and iterative, to build up toward a full in-depth review and enhancement process. A phased approach also accommodates learning and improvement cycles along the way.