Provincial Practitioner Credentialing and Privileging System, i.e. CACTUS Software

This initiative will implement a single, standardized web-based Provincial Practitioner Credentialing and Privileging (C&P) System, i.e. CACTUS Software, and related common business processes, in each of the BC Health Authorities to ensure that members of medical staff have the requisite credentials and privileges to provide appropriate and safe care to patients. The C&P System will be used by all BC Health Authorities to manage standardized credentialing and privileging processes for the following health professionals (collectively referred to as practitioners):

  • physicians
  • midwives
  • dentists
  • nurse practitioners

Ultimately, all practitioners affiliated with a BC Health Authority will be required to use the new online C&P System and new/revised common business processes.

The C&P System replaces multiple existing credentialing and privileging systems across all BC Health Authorities. It has been developed using CACTUS Software and will support BC’s regional, multi-facility structure.

Key Features

  • Provide practitioners with convenient online access to apply for their appointment or reappointments in one or more BC Health Authority.
  • Easier access for locums or visiting staff to submit their applications if they are affiliated with another BC Health Authority.
  • Private and secure storage of practitioner information.
  • Limited access by few key health authority staff.
  • Credentialing and privileging information can be easily shared between BC Health Authorities.
  • Standardized appointment and reappointment processes and standards across all BC Health Authorities.
  • Shared and common understanding of practices across all BC Health Authorities.
  • Provincial privileging dictionaries included in the online system.


An improved system for credentialing and privileging will have many benefits including:

  • Simplifying our processes and introducing better work tools and systems;
  • Reducing the complexity of keeping practitioner credentialing and privileging information up-to-date across all BC Health Authorities;
  • Saving practitioners’ and health authority medical staffs’ valuable time and effort;
  • Streamlining business processes and eliminating the need for multiple systems;
  • Reducing duplication and eliminating ‘gaps’ in information; and
  • Providing more timely, accurate and accessible credentialing and privileging information between BC Health Authorities.

Privileging Dictionaries

The privileging dictionaries are the new provincial standard.

Request for a Revision to a Privileging Dictionary

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