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BC Health Authorities, College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, other regulatory colleges, and Ministry of Health have a shared accountability and commitment to consistent high-quality medical care across the province of BC.

The BC Medical Quality Initiative (BC MQI) is a governance structure which brings health care partners together to develop ways to improve the quality of medical care for people living in BC. By coordinating inclusive activities, BC MQI supports medical practitioners to improve the services they individually and collectively provide. The governance structure also provides assurance to the public, boards, and Ministry of Health about the quality of medical care across the province.

Canadians expect leadership from all levels of government and across jurisdictions to achieve cooperation on the development of solutions and processes that place emphasis on access, quality and safety.

The Provincial Practitioner Credentialing and Privileging System, i.e. CACTUS Software, and Provincial Privileging Dictionaries are part of the Medical Quality Initiative.

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The privileging dictionaries are the new provincial standard.

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