Provincial C&P system

The provincial practitioner credentialing and privileging (C&P) system is the shared system for the appointment and reappointment of medical staff in BC.


The provincial C&P system was established in response to issues raised in the 2011 Cochrane report, following an Investigation into Medical Imaging, Credentialing, and Quality Assurance.  

Citing inconsistencies in regional processes, Cochrane's Phase 2 report made 35 recommendations for improvement. Key among these was the call to initiate a provincial approach to credentialing and privileging processes, in order to close critical information gaps and facilitate information-sharing across BC health authorities.

A coordinated system for BC

The creation of a provincial C&P system has been a collaborative undertaking of all health authorities, the Ministry of Health, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, the Doctors of BC and other partners who were involved and informed at each stage of development.

The core of the provincial C&P system (Cactus software) was launched in the spring of 2015. New processes for credentialing and privileging medical staff were also established to address the inconsistencies in related business processes and to identify supports required for practice enhancement and professional development activities. Each health authority has determined their own schedule for transition to the system, which has been available for online appointment and renewal applications since 2016.

The new C&P system also introduced 62 privileging dictionaries. These dictionaries provide consistent benchmarks for medical leaders to use as a basis for privileging conversations with their medical staff regarding how current experience is with the various procedures and practices they wish to perform. 

With the system foundations in place, BC MQI governance groups and technical team are responsible to sustain and optimize the C&P solution for the province.