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The Update provides the latest news on developments with the working groups, projects and medical quality initiatives under BC MQI.



August 2018http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201808_August_Final.pdfAugust 2018Changes for the BC Medical Quality Initiative • We’re hiring - Executive medical lead, BC MQI • Temporary opening - Manager, BC MQI • Review and refresh update
July 2018http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201807_July_Final.pdfJuly 2018Elements of high performing health care teams • Aligning quality initiatives: The P6 pacemaker project and the privileging dictionaries • New draft for procedural pain management • 11 revised dictionaries updated in Cactus • Review and refresh update
May 2018http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201805_May_Final.pdfMay 2018Input welcome: draft dictionary for procedural pain management • Review and refresh update
April 2018http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201804_April_Final.pdfApril 2018New C&P system policies and guidelines • Dictionary refresh
March 2018http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201803_March_Final.pdfMarch 2018Credentialing for restricted diagnostic services in BC • Review and refresh update
February 2018http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201802_February_Final.pdfFebruary 2018Update to physician feedback report on AppCentral • Enrollment now open for Clinician Quality Academy • Review and refresh update
January 2018http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201801_January_Final.pdfJanuary 2018First batch of revised dictionaries updated in Cactus • New for Clinical Practitioners in Oncology • We’re hiring – Manager position with BC MQI • Review and refresh update



November 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201711_November_Final.pdfNovember 2017Provincial radiology review is complete • Dictionary refresh
October 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201710_October_Final.pdfOctober 2017New standalone privilege for Surgical Assist • Review and refresh update
September 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201709_September_Final.pdfSeptember 2017Welcome to the new bcmqi.ca • Name changes for CACTUS software modules • AppCentral downtime in September • Dictionary review and refresh update
June/July 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201707_June_July_Final.pdfJune/July 2017New working group for Medical Imaging QI • AppCentral system sync in August • New BC MQI website coming soon • Dictionary refresh
May 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201705_May_Final.pdfMay 2017New task group on medical staff performance appraisal in BC • IHI events for students in Vancouver this June • Dictionary refresh
April 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201704_April_Final.pdfApril 2017iCommittee goes live at Interior Health • Tips for password resets in CACTUS accounts • Dictionary refresh
March 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201703_March_Final.pdfMarch 2017Signs of progress in 2017 reappointments • Security and privacy in the C&P system • Dictionary refresh
February 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201702_February_Final.pdfFebruary 2017New module in CACTUS reduces practitioner paperwork • Advisory committee in place for dictionary refresh project • BC PSQC’s Quality Forum is almost here
January 2017http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201701_January_Final_Errata_2.pdfJanuary 20172017 re/appointments in AppCentral • Joint Collaborative Committees to support physician panelists • Dictionary refresh



November 2016http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201611_November_Final.pdfNovember 2016Radiology quality improvement update • Physician input to dictionary review panels
October 2016http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201610_October_Final.pdfOctober 2016Medical Leader hired for privileging dictionary refresh • QI project to engage multi-professional teams
September 2016http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201609_September_Final.pdfSeptember 2016Physician Feedback on 2016 Online Re/appointments • Privileging Dictionary Refresh Set to Begin • We’re Hiring a Medical Leader (Privileging Dictionary Refresh) • New Requirements for Practitioners’ AppCentral Passwords
May/June 2016http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201606_May_June_Final.pdfMay/June 2016Privilege developed for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) • Thanks to the Privileging Dictionary Task Group • Provincial C&P System at e-Health 2016 • Next steps with AppCentral user feedback
April 2016http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201604_April_Final.pdfApril 2016AppCentral (CACTUS Software) – 2016 practitioner experience survey • CACTI modules - next steps • Dictionary Task Group Recommendations
March 2016http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201603_March_Final_Errata.pdfMarch 2016Teething pains and the new online Provincial C&P system • Expert panels to add privileges to Dictionaries • Thanks to the Provincial C&P Project team • Thanks to the Provincial C&P Project team • Important note to cross-appointed practitioners •
February 2016http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201602_February_Final_Errata.pdfFebruary 2016New Provincial Credentialing and Privileging System • Signing up for online re/appointment • Provincial Privileging Dictionaries • New online software and data security • Physician Resources for use of the Privileging Dictionaries
January 2016http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201601_January_Final.pdfJanuary 2016Supportive Use of 62 Privileging Dictionaries • New Medical Resource • Privileging Dictionary Task Group – Review and Refresh Process • Update Credentialing and Privileging System • BC PSQC’s new Clinician Quality Academy • BC MQI Backgrounder
December 2015http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201512_December_Final.pdfDecember 2015AppCentral Update and Next Steps • Provincial Privileging Dictionaries • Privileging Dictionary Task Group-Review and Refresh Process • Physician QI Working Group
November 2015http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201511_November_Final.pdfNovember 2015Dictionary review and refresh • Multi-professional QI Working Group (MPQIWG) • Phase 2
October 2015http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201510_October_Final.pdfOctober 2015Reappointments and appointments • Provincial privileging dictionaries • Security and personal information
September 2015http://bcmqi.ca/News Update/BCMQI_Update_201509_September_Final.pdfSeptember 2015What is BC MQI? • BC MQI Committee Structure • Update on CACTUS Software • Website Changes